ACS Overwatch®
Sustainable Best Practice For Maintaining Waterwell Production & Water Quality

The ACS Overwatch Water Well & Bore Asset Management Program is an all-inclusive preventative maintenance program that covers your Well & Bore assets, this includes initial rehabilitation, annual cleanings, future rehabilitations, annual Well & Bore inspection and reporting and remote bore monitoring to maintain peak performance, lower operational costs and extend service life. All of which is completed without the need to pull the pump.

ACS Overwatch

Value of ACS Equip
ACS Overwatch® Waterwell Maintenance & Remote Bore Monitoring System

  • Improve & Maintain Guaranteed Well Performance

  • Predictable Costs

    All Services Included With Flat Annual Fee

  • Extend Asset Life

  • Single Source Responsibility

  • Improved Knowledge of Well & Bore Condition

  • Enables Proactive Well & Bore Management

  • Reduce Operational Cost

  • Maintain Consistent Water Quality

  • Transfer Rehabilitation Risks

  • Spread Initial Rehabilitation Investment

  • Monitor Water Quality & Bore Performance Remotely

ACS Overwatch

ACS Overwatch®
Well Maintenance & Remote Bore Monitoring Includes

  • Comprehensive Condition Assessment

  • Custom Designed Rehabilitation

  • Annual Well & Bore Inspection / Reporting, CCTV Camera Inspections without the need to pull the pump

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning without the need to pull the pump

  • Installation of Peristaltic Pump & Maintenance of Treatment Fluids

  • ACS Overwatch Remote Bore Monitoring System

    Sensors can include Water level, Temperature, PH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Redox & Waterflow.
    The ACS Overwatch Remote Bore Monitoring System can be as basic or as comprehensive as the client chooses and can be viewed live real-time

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Callout


Gain peace of mind knowing that your well assets are being cared for by a single source – the leading experts in ground water asset management.

ACS Equip the recognized leader in ground water asset management offer a broad range of well rehabilitation technologies, including ACS Overwatch® a unique, sustainable approach to improve and maintain well performance.

ACS Overwatch® incorporates the placement of monitoring equipment installed in the well alongside the pump, and the ACS Designed jetting and inspection technologies incorporated in the ACS Overwatch program allows the wells to be effectively maintained without removing the pump.

A scheduled periodic cleaning service is performed, usually in 1 day, reducing down time and cost while insuring that the well surfaces are kept clean, stabilizing raw water quality and increasing flow and capacity.

ACS Overwatch

Improve and Maintain Well Performance

The use of ACS designed jetting techniques achieves greater energy delivery and deeper penetration than other technologies.

Maintain Consistent Water Quality / Environmentally Sustainable

Custom designed cleaning schedule provides for maintenance of water quality by preventing interim build-up of mineralization and/or biofilm, reducing chemical treatment costs and environmental Impact.

Reduce Operational Cost and Extend Asset Life

Preventative maintenance lowers life cycle cost by eliminating the need to recover from significant production losses due to fouling. This is achieved by maintaining a greater flow, significantly increasing production over the life of the asset while simultaneously reducing pumping costs through greater bore efficiency. Staffed by experienced field crews and backed by the industry’s leading experts, we deliver custom engineered asset management programs for the unique characteristics of each well.

Remotely Monitor Well / Bore Performance & Water Quality

The ACS Overwatch® remote well & bore monitoring system allows multiple parameters of bore performance and water quality to be monitored and viewed live real-time from any computer, smartphone or tablet. The system is a solar powered standalone system which can be installed within a few hours by qualified ACS field technicians.

The ACS Overwatch® sensor suite can be as basic or comprehensive as the client chooses with the following parameters possible;

  • Water Level

  • Temperature

  • Conductivity

  • Turbidity

  • Oxygen Reduction Potential

  • Waterflow

  • PH

  • Redox

  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen

  • Pressure

Water Well Asset Management
Proactive Well Cleaning Saves Money and Reduces Downtime

ACS have been providing well rehabilitation services for many years to some of Australia’s largest water producers and consumers. During that period we have treated numerous wells & bores nationwide, and have come to believe that it is far better to maintain yield and efficiencies than to try to recover them.

This experience has led to the development of ACS Overwatch™ Preventative Waterwell Maintenance & Remote Monitoring Systems, where proactive rather than reactive cleaning has proved to be more efficient and much more economical for the client. In addition, because well and geological formation surfaces are kept clean, raw water quality is improved.

The ACS Overwatch® System incorporates the placement of monitoring equipment installed in the well alongside the pump, and the ACS Designed jetting and inspection technologies incorporated in the ACS Overwatch program allows the wells to be effectively maintained without removing the pump. The system can be installed in wells that are equipped with both submersible and vertical line shaft turbine pumps.